POLICY NUMBER - 2010-1, June 12, 2010

These policies supercede in their entirety all previous Organizational Policies.
A. GENERAL - Rotary Florida PETS is an annual event sponsored by the eight Rotary Districts in Florida. Rotary Florida PETS operates under these policies to the extent that they are consistent with the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of Rotary Florida PETS, the Rotary Code of Policies, and are not in conflict with the Constitution or By-Laws of Rotary International.
B. BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The District Governors Elect (DGE's) from the participating Districts for the Rotary year for which the Presidents-Elect are being trained comprise the Board of Directors of Rotary Florida PETS.
. – Responsibility for the day to day operations and management of Rotary Florida PETS lies with the Executive Committee, which consists of the Chairperson, Chair-Elect, Training Officer, Secretary, and Treasurer.
D. OPERATING COMMITTEE - Implementation of policies and operation of Rotary Florida PETS is the responsibility of the Operating Committee, which shall consist of the Executive Committee and the Chairs of the Standing Committees. Each DGE may nominate two individuals from his/her District, at least one of whom shall be a Past District Governor (PDG). The Chairperson shall select the Chairs of the Standing Committees from these nominees, and may also appoint vice or co-chairs to provide assistance and continuity. The Chairperson shall strive to insure representation from all participating Districts on the Operating Committee. The final selection shall be subject to the Approval of the Board.
E. STANDING COMMITTEES - Members of Operating Committee, or such others as may be required for the efficient and effective work of the committee, shall be appointed to perform the following tasks: 1) VIPS/Guests, 2) Hotel Liaison, 3) Operations, 4) Registration, 5) Notebook Preparation, 6) Office, 7) Publicity/Public Relations, and 8) Vendors. Appointments to the Standing Committees will be made by the Chairperson, with approval of the Board.
F. DISTRICT GOVERNORS- In addition to helping promote Rotary Florida PETS and encourage attendance, District Governors (DG's) will serve as VIP hosts, assist with registration, and be prepared to assist the Operating Committee as requested.
G. ANNUAL REVIEW - These policies are intended to be the guidelines for the operation of the annual Florida PETS, and are to be reviewed by the District Governors-Elect with the District Governors-Nominee at the annual “turn-over” meeting for their continued applicability,
It is the goal of Rotary Florida PETS, but not a steadfast rule, that the responsibilities for the various offices and tasks encompass all participating Districts as evenly as possible, and that opportunities be made for others to serve by limiting one person’s service with a particular task to three years. The overall principal shall be finding and utilizing the best persons possible to accomplish the task for the best Presidents-Elect Training Seminar possible.
The District Governors Nominee shall first become involved with Rotary Florida PETS during their year as District Governor Nominee Designate (or as some Districts refer to them as District Governor Nominee Nominee). During the PETS event in this first year they will be introduced to the History and Organizational Structure of Rotary Florida PETS, observe one or more Board Meetings conducted during the Seminar, and otherwise participate in the program designed for their Rotary Florida PETS familiarization as developed by the PETS Training Team.
1. Overall Responsibility for the planning and conduct of the seminar required by Rotary International to prepare Rotary Club Presidents-Elect for their year as a Rotary Club President.

2. Approve the Seminar agenda and committee assignments.

3. Collectivelly, the DGEs of each district participating in the Florida multi-district PETS will, during their DGN year and upon assuming office as a Rotary Florida PETS Director,

a. approve/appoint members of the Executive Committee, and

b. individually, name a PDG from his/her own District to serve on the Operating Committee, (effective for Rotary Florida PETS 2011, an additional person, not necessarily a PDG), and

c. during their DGE year, upon the request of the Chairman or the Training Officer, usually in August or September, submit four nominees to serve as PETS Trainers, all of whom shall be either RLI approved Discussion Leaders, or a PDG willing to participate in a RLI Discussion Leader Training Session prior to the PETS at which they will serve.

4. Give authority to the Chairperson and Operating Committee to plan, organize, and conduct the PETS while retaining final approval by collectively serving as the Board of Directors.
5. Assure that the operation of the PETS will be financially feasible, and gain approval from the Districts to support the PETS financially.
6. Assure that the name, mailing address, e-mail address, club name and  club size of each PE to attend the PETS is furnished to the Operating Committee in a timely fashion.
7. Plan and Conduct separate District Break Out Sessions with their Presidents-Elect during the PETS training.
8. Assure that all Club Presidents-Elect attend PETS.
9. Work with the District Governor and District Trainer to orient and prepare the PE's for PETS, utilizing among other techniques, a Pre-PETS training session.
10. Between the Pre-PETS and the DBOs, cover the RI President's Theme, Programs and Awards for the year; provide inspiration and challenges, set goals and expectations for the District, introduce the District Administrative Team, and present other materials and training as may be recommended by the PETS Training Officer that are not expected to be covered in the Group Break Out Sessions.
C. CHAIRPERSON (also referred to as the Chairman)
1. Before July 1 annually, prepare and circulate a draft Program for Rotary Florida PETS to be conducted the following spring, and gain approval of the District Governors Elect.
2. Working with the DGE's, assume overall supervision for the organization and conduct of Rotary Florida PETS and publish an organizational chart and working calendar.
3. Assign chairs of various Standing Committees, functions and tasks for the conduct of the Rotary Florida PETS.
4. Recommend and contract for an adequate venue to accommodate the Rotary Florida PETS. This task may require contracting locations several years in advance to assure desired dates and enough room for growth in Rotary Florida PETS.
5. Seek and invite Distinguished Rotary Speakers for the major meal functions at Rotary Florida PETS.
6. Coordinate with the Training Officer for the selection and appointment of the Discussion Leaders (PETS Training Team).
7. Handle overall coordination of Rotary Florida PETS for and with the Board of Directors.
8. Supervise web-site management and on-line registration.
9. Chair all meetings of the Board, Executive Committee and Operating Committee
10. Perform any other task as directed by the Board.
D. CHAIRPERSON-ELECT (aka Chair Elect)
1. Assist the Chairperson and preside at all meetings in the absence of the Chairperson.
2. Work with the District Governors-Nominee to prepare them for their role with Rotary Florida PETS as the Board of Directors during the end of their DGN and during their DGE year.
3. Begin the planning for the Rotary Florida PETS event to take place during his or her year as Chairman.
4. Perform any other task as directed by the Board.
1. Prepare the Curriculum for Training the Presidents-Elect, as well as any programs desired by the Board for Spouses, Assistant Governors, DGNDs, or others.
2. Select and appoint Discussion Leaders, assure adequate preparation, provide material, and rehearse presentations.
3. Assure with the Operation Chair and Hotel Liaison that rooms are set up and necessary AV equipment is on hand and operable.
4. Monitor discussion sessions in progress and assist as necessary.
5. Conduct daily reviews with Discussion Leaders.
6. Coordinate with the Notebook Committee the program and materials for the Club Presidents Elect Notebook
6. Prepare and supervise an Evaluation Procedure, including the distribution and collection of forms for each workshop session.
7 Work with Publicity Chair to develop announcements, releases, and assist in printing the program and materials for the Notebook.
8. Responsible for the safe storage of seminar training material as well as equipment and supplies required by workshop leaders.

9. Perform any other task as directed by the Board.

1. Responsible for recording, maintaining and distributing records of all meetings of the Board and the Operating Committee.
2. Maintain a directory of all members of the Board, Executive Committee, Operating Committee, Training Team and any other committees or staff members appointed by the Board or the Chairperson.
 3. Attest to and sign, along with the Chairperson, all legal documents for the Corporation, and maintain a record of them.
4 Co-ordinate the management of the web-site, registration system, and office operations during the PETS Seminar.
5. May, at the option of the Board, serve as Registrar, Web-Master, and/or Office Manager.
6. Perform any other task as directed by the Board.
1. Responsible for preparation of the budget for presentation to and approval by the Board.
2. Maintains records of deposits and expenditures. Must authorize expenditures.
3. Ensure that PETS finances are self supporting and build adequate reserves to conduct business from year to year
 4. Oversee and insure timely preparation and filing of all appropriate tax returns.
5. Responsible for the accounting and disbursing of all funds.
6. Verify meal requests and count of actual meals served.
7. Prepares and distributes to DGE's final reports of revenues and expenses.
8. Arranges for independent review of income and expenditures.
9. Collect Vendor fees.
10. Assure orderly transfer of funds from year to year.
11. Collect fees and maintains bank accounts.
12. Arrange for adequate general liability insurance.

The following are the tasks that are essential to the effective and efficient operation of Rotary Florida PETS. When appropriate, the task is to be performed by a chair, along with sufficient committee members to accomplish each task. Each member of the Board and Operating Committee is responsible to assure that these tasks are accomplished in a timely manner and coordinated with other committee members as necessary. All committees are under the general supervision of the Chairperson.
1. Unless assigned elsewhere by the Board or Chairman, develops and maintains the Rotary Florida PETS website under supervision of the Chairperson and approval of the District DGE's.
2. Prepares Registration Form and the procedure for registration.
3. Handles online registration and prepares registration reports by District, Office or any other break-out as requested by the Board or Executive Committee.
4. Maintains records of registration fees and reconciles registration fees with the Treasurer.
5. Designs name tag with the Chairperson and Office Manager, and supervises their prinring and distribution.
6. Assists the Office Manager with onsite registration of guests and last minute attendees.
7. Consolidates final attendance report.
8. Assist with providing information as requested for the Notebooks.
9. Works with Treasurer to monitor the type and number of meals required.
1. Responsible for operation of onsite Rotary Florida PETS Office and distribution of registration materials in cooperation with the Registrar. A computer and printer must be available for making last minute name tags, tent cards, transparencies,
2. Create and maintain tent and place cards as required.
3. Assure that office space is adequate and appropriately located and maintained.
4. Responsible for name tag holders and name labels received from Registrar.
5 Safeguard equipment stored in the office
6 Works with the Treasurer and Registrar, as requested
7 Assist with printing items for the Notebook.
1. Assure adequate space is available at the proposed venue for Rotary Florida PETS, and in co-operation with the Training Officer assign spaces for all Breakout sessions.
2. Works with the Chairperson and the Treasurer to select a site, negotiate a contract, estimate number and cost of hotel guest rooms, meeting space and banquet space, food service, Audio Visual support and other services.
3. Be the direct contact person for concerns at the facility, such as, but not limited to room temperatures, room arrangements, reservations, room assignments, VIP rooms, banquet services, food and beverage.
4. Working with the Treasurer, supervises activities with the facility, equipment and any paid service of the hotel, including reservation and assignment of guest rooms and meeting/functions rooms
1. Assist the Chairperson and DGE's in selecting Distinguished Rotary Leaders for major speaking assignments at meal functions for Rotary Florida PETS.
2. Recruit VIP/Aides, arrange transportation for speakers, attend to VIP and spouse needs, assure VIPs maintain expected schedule.
3. Procure and wrap appropriate gifts for designated VIPs.
4. Supervise greeters, welcome participants and visitors to registration area and meeting rooms and assist with check-in at the hotel.
5. Arrange for Gift baskets in designated VIP rooms.
1. Responsible for support of program activities and technical support services, including, but not limited to AV requirements, Information Technology support, (except for the AV and IT needs of the Training Team which will be self-supporting) Room setup, Signage, Banners, Flags, Piano, and other equipment necessary to conduct Rotary Florida PETS.
2. Determine directional and meeting identification signs necessary for the orderly movement of participants, and identification of meeting rooms, and insure their production and placement.
3. Procure easels and post the signs according to the Program schedule.
4. Procure and hang appropriate Theme Banner and Flags in the foyers and the Banquet Hall.
5. Procure and maintain a "Rotary Florida PETS" banner.
6. Arrange for Spotlight, and Piano in Banquet Hall.
7. Assure that rooms are set up and necessary equipment is in place before each scheduled session.
8. Inspect and confirm optimum working condition of HVAC, lighting, microphone and audio/visual equipment in each meeting/session room prior to commencement of each session.
9. Arranges for a copy machine and materials necessary for operating an office
10. Assures that the session room signs are properly displayed and rotated or posted as required prior to the next scheduled use; supervises the Rotary Florida PETS office provided by the hotel; if any reserved tables are required, see that they are marked; provide warm, friendly greetings and assistance, but also firm direction when required.
11. Plan and prepare decorations for the tables in the Banquet Hall. Provide flowers for the podium and VIP spouses.
12. Act as Chief Sergeant-at-Arms for the conduct of the PETS Seminar, utilizing the DGNDs (or their designate as designated by the DGE in their absence) as Sergeant-at-Arms, and as such...
a. Train the Sergeants at Arms (DGNDs) in their tasks.
b. Responsible for the movement of traffic to meetings, events, meals, and sessions, assuring that participants know where to go and when to get there.
c. Assures that participants are in their designated areas on time and assist in the registration area as required.
d. Responsible for the admission to banquet rooms and the seating arrangements, including the head table(s), in coordination with the Chairperson.
f. Conduct a head count at every meal event. Report counts to Chairperson and Treasurer.
f. Perform any other task as directed by the Chair.
1. Prepares the number of Club President's Notebooks (throughout this document, the term “notebook” is inclusive of binder or paper notebooks, and/or other suitable digital media) requested by each DGE. The notebook will be available at registration and will be used throughout PETS activities. Important instructional materials from the Notebook will be displayed on the website for PE's to prepare for the discussion sessions. Color Coded title pages will identify each District and the name of the PE and Rotary Club will be printed on the Notebook Cover. Notebooks will be prepared for any PE unable to attend and each DGE is responsible for distributing these Notebooks.
2. Order Notebooks and other necessary materials.
3. Secure location for storing materials near the venue.
4. Order additional Club Officer's Kits and other manuals to be distributed as necessary to prepare the total number of Notebooks requested and has them shipped to the storage location.
5 Assist the Chairperson and Training Officer with printing materials for the notebook.
7. Arrange for the assembly the Notebooks prior to Rotary Florida PETS.
8. Assure that Notebooks are delivered to the venue Wednesday before Rotary Florida PETS begins.
9. Assist in distributing the Notebooks during registration at the beginning of Rotary Florida PETS.
1. Prepares announcements and materials for district newsletters and web sites.
2. Prepares announcements and notices for DGE's to send to all PE's about Rotary Florida PETS, the Rotary Florida PETS web site and the need to register.
3 Develops announcements and releases for Rotary Florida PETS and attending dignitaries.
1. Recruits vendors for Rotary Florida PETS.
2. Coordinates with Treasurer for collection of vendor fees
3. Coordinates with Operations and Arrangements for location of vendors
4. Coordinates with vendors to insure timely set up and take down so as to avoid interference with Rotary Florida PETS and hotel operations.
5. Works with the Treasurer regarding the sale of any items by the PETS Operating Committee.