We welcome vendor, club project and non profit exhibitor participation and appreciate their support of Rotary and Florida PETS.  However, Florida PETS neither implies nor expressely endorses the products nor services of any independent exhibitor 


 Josh The Otter  Josh the Otter www.joshtheotter.org
Russell Hampton Company RH Logo Rotary www.ruh.com
Rotary Book Store RotaryBookStore  
Meals Of Hope Meals Of Hope logo www.mealsofhope.org
Flags For Heroes flagforheroes logo www.flagsforheroes.net
 Gerry White Pin Company GerryWhite www.pinsforrotary.com
Shelter Box USA ShelterBox USA logo www.ShelterBoxUSA.org
Virtual Reality Social Impact VR4SI https://vr4socialimpact.org/
Disaster Aide USA DisAid www.disasteraidusa.net
District and Club Database dacdb www.DACdb.com
My Custom Tailor mycustomtailor www.MyCustomTailor.com
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