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First, you should expect to learn a lot. The amount of information presented is considerable. Some say daunting.

Arriving and Getting Started

Because of the geographic size of Florida and the distances participants travel from the far corner of the state and the Bahamas, sessions will start at 1:00 PM on Thursday afternoon. There is also a fellowship, get-acquainted outdoor barbeque on Thursday evening. 

General Sessions

There are six general sessions, where you will hear top Rotary speakers. 

Breakout Sessions

The General  Breakouts are focused on topics such as Planning Your Rotary Year, Engaging Club Members, Dynamics of Your Club and Board, and Making an Impact on Your Community. In these general breakout sessions, you will be in classes with others from clubs of similar size.   

There are also specialized sessions for assistant governors as well as spouses who have paid an additional registration fee.

During PETS each district holds breakout sessions for those attending from their respective district.

Getting Assigned to a Group

Every president-elect is assigned a group code (A-P) which designates which club-size breakout you are to be in when not in session with your district. That group code is also on your name badge. The agenda gives you the time and location of the entire PETS schedule, including the names of breakout rooms for all sessions.


There are six planned meals – Thursday barbeque, Friday breakfast, lunch and dinner, Saturday breakfast and lunch.

Meals are part of the General Sessions at PETS  special guest speakers will share their Rotary experiences and visions. Your attendance is required so don't make alternate plans during these meal periods. Your spouse or partner are welcome to join us for these meals, but they must be a registered PETS  participant.

A word about menu choices at the six meal events. Availability of vegetarian meals are expected and will be accommodated. Special menu restrictions beyond typical vegetarian options should be brought to the attention of your governor-elect who will pass on the request to the PETS operating committee. Every attempt will be made to accommodate special requests but there is no guarantee that the hotel banquet department will be able to comply with all requests.

There is a House of Friendship serving as the PETS networking hub.

This is the place to be when you're not attending a session. There are licensed Rotary vendors with a myriad of displays of Rotary-themed merchandise.

Bring your wallet and take back a Rotary logo shirt or some bling for your fellow Rotarians to kick off your year in style.

Palace Guard

If this is your first Rotary event outside of your club, be aware there is a contingent of Rotarians serving as a special hospitality committee. We call them The Palace Guard.  They are ready to assist you with anything from answering your questions to handling an emergency request.

Just look for the folks in the blue vests with the yellow logo.

What Should I Wear?

"What should I wear" is a familar question. Traditionally, Rotary training events are similar to most business training seminars. Plan to dress comfortably but professionally. Some meeting rooms tend to be cool so a sweater or jacket should help. For Friday dinner it's appropriate for men to wear a sports coat (tie optional) and for women something suitable for a business meal.