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Just as every Rotarian is asked to join a Rotary club, participants are invited to attend PETS. Those who are invited, e.g., club presidents-elect and assistant governors are asked by the district governor-elect in each Florida district.

There are some past district governors who are also asked to attend as well as discussion leaders from the Rotary Leadership Institute. They, too, are asked by the district governors-elect to participate in support roles. Of course, special guests are invited who will be featured speakers.

Your district governor will contact you about pre-PETS meetings and provide you with other important related Rotary information.

Remember, however, it is your responsibility to register yourself, and that PETS registration and the hotel registration are separately done.

You can accomplish both registrations online using this website.

Mandatory Attendance Required

RI's by-laws requires mandatory PETS attendance for all presidents-elect. You cannot serve if you have not attended PETS. If you are unable to attend Florida PETS, immediately contact your district governor-elect to make arrangements to attend another PETS in a different region. It may be a single district PETS or another multi-district PETS in another state. It will be up to you to make those arrangements to meet the requires of RI.

To see a list of many of the multi-district PETS in North America go to the PETS ALLIANCE.

Be aware, however, opting not to attend one's own PETS but instead attending a PETS elsewhere is a joint decision which must be made in concert with your governor-elect. All PETS, world-wide, generally take place during a six-week window that runs from mid-February through the end of March.

Some Basic Ground Rules

The training never stops. During the fellowship, sharing meals, or in the House of Friendship,  networking is an important component of what you will learn during your time at Florida PETS.  We select Rotary kenote speakers that will bring you the latest information on Rotary around the world.

Other club officers, such as those who are in line to serve as club president the following year or as incoming club secretaries are specifically not invited. Incoming club secretaries and treasurers are now trained at district assemblies or other specialized district events. The reason those who may serve as club president in future years are not included is that much changes from year to year and the details of the training message interwoven throughout all seminar modules change from year to year as well.

Your spouse or partner is invited to join you (and us) for Florida PETS. The importance of a knowledgable and supportive spouse/partner is key to an effective leader.  There are special break-out sessions for spouses and partners who choose to attend and actively participate. Spouses or partners who attend the meals along with their registered Rotarian participant must be registered and a fee paid by credit card for the spouse in advance at the time of advance registration.